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About me

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What I Do

Hi, I am Sachin Mishra. I do blogging, consulting, and providing training and help people to build their online business. And whatever I learn doing practical in my daily life, share it with people. I love doing meditation, yoga, traveling, and sharing valuable knowledge.

Who is DigiSachin

He is a Digital Entrepreneur by Profession & Video Content Creator by Heart. He helps people to get more leads and sales to build their profitable business. Whatever he learns doing practical in his daily life, shares it with people. He loves doing meditation, yoga, traveling, and sharing valuable knowledge.​

About me


I am a 29 years old, smiling guy, Digital Marketing Consultant & Social Media Influencer. I help people to build their online business.

I completed my graduation in 2012 and started a journey as a Software Developer with a stipend based in Chandigarh. 8 Months later, I shifted to Delhi for a better opportunity and started finding a Software Developer job in Delhi. But I didn’t get a job in the same field, so I joined BPO due to financial crises and worked up to 3 months. I did struggle a lot to find the next job but didn’t get the job. I was only getting rejections from everywhere at that time.

In the Year 2014, I got totally mentally depressed cause of not getting any job. I used to say to myself “My Life is completely Worst” I wouldn’t be able to do anything in my life. Sometimes, I used to feel to die. When your time is not in your favor. How do you feel? people/friends ridicule on you. The same things were happening to me.

Turning point of my life:

One day one of my friends came to me.
He said: I have some motivational videos that you should watch.
I said: I will watch it.

Do you know? Who did those videos belong to? Guess🤔! You already know that ideal man. His name is Sandeep Maheswari. I know you would be thinking about this man. I followed him as my mentor and started consuming his contents. My mind got transformed watching Sandeep Maheswari’s videos. I prepared myself for the Interview and went to one of the companies, that was E4E Healthcare services. Although I got selected in that company, the offer letter was pending. Its HR confirmed to me to join the company on the given date. What happened next to me. The next day, I got to know about my joining was canceled. However, I didn’t lose myself at that time, I tried to next interview. And I got selected in the MNC company, that company was Capgemini Global Service Pvt. Ltd. I followed one mantra that everyone knows, which is explained in Bhagwat Geeta.
                                    Successful Mantra

Whatever happens, happens for good. 

Jo Bhi Hota Hai Acche Ke liye Hota Hai

I completed 2 years with Capgemini as a Technical Associate. Meanwhile, I got bored with the same tasks and following the same routine. I wanted freedom where I can work from anywhere without any dependency. There was nothing to build my skillset where I have done something for myself, only depended on official work. I often used to watch Sandeep’s Videos, so my mindset got changed. I used to think to be growing in an MNC company before it, that was wrong. Now I started finding ways to build something and started reading the blogs and startup stories. I decided to quit the job quickly without any deep knowledge, I left the job and came to home town. Then I went to the Vipassana Meditation Center for 10 days.

How I started my spiritual journey:

I read about Sandeep Maheswari’s earlier life story. How he started his journey? The first time, I heard about Vipassana from Sandeep Maheswari because he has mentioned about Vipassana Meditation in his some videos. I was curious to know Vipassana Mediation in depth. So I searched and got some videos on Youtube about Vipassana. I started watching those videos and started practicing on meditations during my job. After quitting my job, I enrolled for Vipassana Meditation 10 days course. I went to the Vipassana Meditation Center. At the Center, the phone was not allowed, no talking, no eye contact, only discipline life which had to follow.

At the Center, Guru Ji teaches “How Does Mind Work & How to Discover Yourself”. After completing 10 days course, I have continued doing meditation & never missed doing meditation even a single day.


How I started my career in Digital Marketing:

In the Center, I met a lot of people who had come for the same course. Meanwhile, I met two guys who are real brothers. One of them is running the online education portal and other is doing a job. Who is doing online, his name is Prashant Chaturvedi. He told me about his online journey.

I decided to start a blog but I was not clear to next what am I doing. I quit that blog. After 3 to 4 months, I came back to Delhi. I had got to know about SEO. I started finding a job in digital marketing as an SEO Executive and soon got a job as an SEO Executive. I worked over there for 2 months because things were repeating. I was not able to get something new to learn, so I tried to find a further new job and got a job in the same profile. Meanwhile, side by side started to learn about Google ads and Facebook ads. I ran the campaigns on Google ads and Facebook and learned a lot of things running the campaigns on Google Ad and Facebook. I worked with a lot of startups and companies and worked as a Digital Marketing Manager in the last company. Now I am a Google ad and Facebook Ad consultant. I help people to get more leads and sales to make a profitable business & whatever I learn doing practical in my daily life, share it with people.



I ❤️️ Traveling (Solo Trip)

I love traveling to Spiritual places.

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